Scientific and technological

As one of the leading Spanish research centers in the animal production field, its expertise complements the work developed by Feedect in the optimization of the breeding process and the validation of final products for animal feed.
Given its expertise in animal nutrition, ANTS complements Feedect's knowledge in all aspects of Tenebrio molitor nutrition, guiding and driving the work of Feedect's R&D team.
Its extensive experience in the food industry makes AINIA an excellent partner in everything related to the characterization, improvement and study of the possible applications of the food products developed by Feedect.
The ASPA group of the Polytechnic University of Valencia focuses part of its research on the environmental analysis of the agri-food industry. Feedect collaborates with ASPA in the Life Cycle Analysis (LCA) of its activity, seeking to reduce its impact to a minimum
Improving sustainability and circular economy is one of ITENE's work fields and also part of Feedect's DNA. For this reason, both companies are working together to valorize the by-products obtained in Feedect's production processes.
With over 25 years in the engineering field, its experience in the industrial sector and particularly in the agri-food industry, makes Grupotec the ideal partner for the design of Feedect's facilities.
Pago Finca Élez is a point of reference in the Spanish wine industry, both for the production of quality wines and for its organic production methods. The company collaborates in the validation of frass in various crops, which is Feedect's main by-product.

Financial partners

The business accelerator program created by the Valencian businessman Juan Roig was one of the first entities that bet on Feedect. Passing through the business accelerator program, Feedect received not only financial support but also guidance defining its business model.
Given the importance of sustainability and circular economy in Feedect's DNA, Feedect was part of the acceleration program of Climate-KIC Spain. This enabled Feedect to access financing and set its environmental priorities.
The commitment to innovative companies with high growth potential is part of ENISA's essence. Feedect obtained its first line of public financing through this entity within the framework of the Young Entrepreneurs line.
The Valencian Institute of Business Competitiveness (in spanish, IVACE) is a reference in supporting innovation in the Valencian Region. Since it was funded, Feedect has been supported by this entity through different programs.
As a public Valencian bank, the Valencian Institute of Finance (in spanish, IVF) offers support to Valencian companies. Through IVF, Feedect has obtained complementary financing to its first Investment Round

Other partners

IPIFF is undoubtedly a worldwide reference representing the interests of the European insect production sector. Among other things, its work enables Feedect to keep abreast of both the latest legislative developments and the evolution of the European market.
Likewise, NACIA represents the interests of the North American insect production industry, allowing Feedect to be updated on the evolution of the sector in this high business potential region.
AFFIA represents the industry's interests in Asia. As a region with a linked tradition in the use of insects for the food industry and with one of the fastest growing economies worldwide, Feedect sees an interesting potential in Asia.
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