ECOFOOD2023 | Qualitative and quantitative leap for innovation in the agricultural sector.

This project is born from the alliance of the agri-food sector to frame a complete renovation in the entire value chain, through the ecological and digital transformation working on the development of innovation projects.    

In this great tractor project, the diversification of companies in terms of the value chain is essential, so as to maximize the scope of this project on the agri-food sector. In this area, Feedect works to transform the linear food production model, with huge amounts of waste generated, into a circular one.  

Our values include attention to efficiency in the use of any resource (whether economic or material), innovation in our processes through continuous know-how development, and sustainability in all our products by offering great possibilities in bioconversion. 

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The project in question is “Optimization of production processes in the elaboration of new insect flours and products – NUTRINSECT”.

The objective is to optimize and improve certain production processes in order to obtain new insect flours from Tenebrio molitor larvae, with new nutritional qualities and organoleptic properties adapted to market demands.

Specifically, the aim is to carry out applied research to develop new flours: flours with high nutrient content and gluten-free flours. Insect meal production systems have been optimized in recent years. They already coexist with us in animal feed and human food.  

However, the production process of these products (purging, dehydration, stabilization and milling) needs to be made scalable, sustainable and safe. 

It is also essential to increase research in this field, generating studies that allow us to expand information on their nutritional value, yields, palatability, nutritional properties and health effects. 

In this project, we have the participation of the Polytechnic University of Valencia (UPV) and the Autonomous University of Madrid (UAM). 

Why are we a solid partner?

For years we have been valorizing by-products of the agri-food industry by breeding insects and obtaining nutritional ingredients of great qualities that have a place in the animal feed and human food sector. We are closely related to the agri-food industry regarding the elaboration and/or transformation of products, among our main products we highlight:  

Based on a circular economy model, we are a zero waste industry, since all the flows of our production process are recoverable and have a place in different markets apart from the food market. “These products are presented as an innovative solution to the growing demand of the agri-food market, in terms of high quality products with high protein content, healthy and sustainable.” – Julio Just – Feedect CEO