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What are the advantages of Feedect's products?
Flexibility and adaptability
Joint innovation with customers.
Industrialization and standardization of production.
Made in the EU.
Shorter delivery times.

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Live and frozen
Tenebrios mantain the
essence of the Tenebrio
Molitor larvae in its
original form.
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Dried insects and insect
flours, the most convenient
way to harness the intrinsic
nutritional qualities ofs
Tenebrio Molitor.
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for plants
Frass from Tenebrio
Molitor, an excellent
organic fertilicer with
biostimulant properties.
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About Feedect

Feedect was born in early 2018 by a group of four young enthusiastics inspired by the great potential of Tenebrio molitor in the creation of nutritional solutions. Throughout its development, Feedect has evolved its business model to position itself as one of the leading European companies in the production of products derived from Tenebrio Molitor larvae.

Feedect crea soluciones alimentarias a base de insectos
Feedect creates insect-based food solutions