5th, July, 2023

Research and recovery of waste through the VALVOSPACK project.

Feedect has participated in the VALVOSPACK project subsidised by the Valencian Innovation Agency (AVI).

Cartel Valvospack

Waste recovery for more efficient production.

The main objective of this project is the research and development of new sustainable and rapidly degradable materials for spinning applications obtained from the valorisation of bivalve and insect waste. To this end, VALVOSPACK firstly proposes the research of different routes for the valorisation of bivalve shells, specifically mussels and mussel shells, and of the exoskeleton of the tenebrio molitor, commonly known as mealworm, in order to obtain products of interest and high added value, such as chitin, chitosan and calcium carbonate. These components will then be used as additives (calcium carbonate and chitin) and polymeric base material (chitosan) for the development of novel and sustainable bioplastic formulations for the weaving of food nets, which will be validated by carrying out the packaging of mussels and mussels.